Join the FIT4MOM storytellers’ mamahood sisterhood by being a published author on our site. Our community fueled by raw motherhood, friendship, caffeine and self-care. Our blog is a place that brings moms together on this journey through parenthood...come on over, get cozy and curl up, grab a glass of coffee or wine, and browse through articles and resources that feel like home to you. That give you the “Oh my gosh; I’m so not alone!” feeling.

The motherhood is real, and it takes a village to raise littles. By writing, we share stories, and by sharing stories, we create a place filled with love, support, and reassurance. Through sharing stories of our motherhood and our journey as parents, we offer support and an opportunity to connect and empower other moms, dads, expecting parents, and humans, in general...



Your writing style is fresh and fun, accepting and free of judgement; it’s candid, genuine, and comes from the heart. You embody a modern view on parenting, can be slightly sassy, are a boss mom, dad, or parent, and have the ability to write about topics that make a difference, an impact, or just plain ‘ol give our readers the warm-and-fuzzies, goosies, or make them smile and laugh. If you’re any or all of those things, we can’t wait to hear from you.




  • Featured pieces must be at least 400 words and no more than 1500 words.
  • To be considered as a contributing FIT4MOM writer, please submit your grammatically correct + proofread/cleanly edited pieces, hereby known as “Submitted Content” through the submissions form (next page after you click you agree to terms & conditions). NO submissions will be accepted through direct email and not through the submissions page. 
  • FIT4MOM has the right to edit, modify, and delete Submitted Content without notice to best fit our community’s style and vision.
  • FIT4MOM has the right to use our own imagery in all Submitted Content.
  • ANY photos submitted must be fully owned by you and have no copyright infringements. We will NOT accept any photos not taken by you, unless you have consent from the photographer. Please disclose the photographer in any image you have permission to use.
  • Our goal at FIT4MOM is to make sure every mama feels welcome, supported, and loved. The content we choose to publish on our blog + social channels reflects our mission and our values. We will not accept any political submissions; we lean on each other rather than left or right. Our differences make us human, and we all share the same language - love.
  • We will edit, reformat, and choose imagery that best fits each submission.
  • Your Submitted Content may also be promoted on all or some of FIT4MOM’s social media platforms (Facebook + Instagram + Twitter + Pinterest) however, we expect you to promote your own Submitted Content to drive traffic.
  • We are only looking for original work that has NOT been published elsewhere. No work that was written for another blog + website will be considered if you do not fully own the piece and its content entirely.
  • Include a title for your article in your submission(s) that is SEO friendly and catchy --- something that would grab your attention.
  • Include a one sentence headline with your submission(s).



  • Health + Nutrition for Mama
  • Health + Nutrition for Babies, Toddlers, and Kids
  • Family-Friendly Recipes
  • Meal Prep for Busy Parents
  • Healthy Families
  • Ways to de-stress, de-clutter, re-organize, etc….
  • Healthy homes (think modern living/eating/dining/routines, etc.)
  • Wellness for Mama, Baby, Kids, Parents
  • A Letter to my ________ Series
    • - Husband / Spouse / Partner
    • - A Letter to Myself
    • - A Letter to Myself before I was a Mom
    • - A Letter to My Little(s)
  • All stages of motherhood: infanthood, toddlerhood, grade-school, tweens, teens, etc. 
  • Breastfeeding
  • Surviving Motherhood
  • Kids’ Say Series...any piece written by your kiddos under 5




  • We require citing any and all research-based content from a reputable source; scientific journal whenever possible.
  • Avoid any questionable sourcing, content, or cliches.
  • In general, we follow AP Style guidelines regarding numbers, capitalization, abbreviations, and punctuation, including only one space after a period or colon.
  • Numbers under 10, like nine or eight, should be spelled out, except in the case of ages, like a 4-year-old boy, or a girl, 8.
  • Be precise, to the point, and clear.
  • Avoid using terms like “you see,” or generalizing too frequently.
  • Use proper use of there, their, they’re, etc...
  • Avoid rhetorical questions.
  • Do not indent paragraphs, use major run-on sentences, or make paragraphs too long (longer than 6 sentences).
  • Include a title + headline in your submission(s); see more details under “Submissions Policy”.



We LOVE when you comment on other’s work, or pieces you wrote to help grow their reach and help you connect with other readers and contributors. But please keep the following in mind when commenting on articles, whether they are yours or someone else’s:

  • FIT4MOM is about creating a loving and supportive environment and community.
  • Please be respectful, supportive, and empowering.
  • While we encourage discussion, and know you have the right to your own opinion and free speech, please do not disrespect, use profanity, or act maliciously.
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  • FIT4MOM is about creating connections, so please jump in and get conversations going!
  • We have the right to moderate, monitor, and delete any comment(s).
  • FIT4MOM has the right to remove any comment for any reason.
  • #themotherhoodisreal and we are all in this thing called motherhood together; please respect and support one another and play nice.


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